A little About A Sympathetic Ear

To begin with, A Sympathetic Ear was the brain child of my mother Carol. Who just happened to share it with me one day. And we both thought it was an excellent idea… But the logistic’s and how to go about it. Unfortunately, prevented Us from acting on the idea. Well time passed, an eventually my mother passed away. An the idea sat on the shelf.

Until I reached my mid fifties and had progressively began to lose my ability to walk. Requiring a cane and usually supporting myself on whatever else was available. And I sat and soul searched… asking myself, What do I do now? I’ll start writing, I know right off the bat, I have three or four books in me. And while I enjoyed the process as I began. As I continued to research the subject. Learned from other Author’s on websites and articles. That it was very hard to make a living writing. And don’t expect to make much from it. Rather just enjoy the process.

Well, that wasn’t going to work for me. As I needed a way to put bread on the table. And some form of shelter over my head. I had previously applied for phone jobs. But the companies were primarily looking for twenty somethings. With two to three years phone room experience. I then investigated work at home opportunities. And was lead to the belief, that most were scams. Or required you to scam others. Which also would Not work for me. Now I’m just stating what I found. And I do apologize to any work at home companies who are legitimate.

And then I finally decided to pursue my gift. I say that because throughout my life. People have always opened up to me. Sometimes, sharing things they hadn’t shared with anyone. I found it odd at times… But eventually, just came to accept that about myself. And actually was quite happy about it, most the time. I’ve met a lot of people in my journey’s and experienced a lot of Life. Which makes me aptly qualified. For what I’ve chose to do here I believe…Who knows… but given the opportunity, We’ll see.

As I state in all my advertising and documentation. I am Not a licensed Counselor nor is this to be considered Counseling, Therapy etc. There are great people, who’ve invested great deals of time and money. To be able to properly provide those services. This is essentially a Talk line. Where no problem is to big or to small. In fact there doesn’t have to be a problem at All… You set the tone, if You wanna laugh, I’ve been known to have a sense of humor. If you wanna cry, I’m sure I’ll understand… If You have a complaint about someone in Your life. Or a complaint about Everyone in Your life. But don’t want it getting back to them. I’m Your man. Hahaha

If You’d like to discuss Politics, Religion, the state of the World. I’m fine with that and pretty well versed. And alway’s willing to learn about subjects I’m not that familiar with. Well as usual, A little bit about A Sympathetic Ear, became alot about A Sympathetic Ear. But that’s for the best, as We can spend more time finding out about You… I Look forward to hearing from You, Shawn.